frequently asked questions


1. If I am being asked to provide Treatment outside my medical practice, will I be insured?
Yes, you are insured while treating anywhere in the United Kingdom and it is not practical to advise your insurers where every treatment is carried out. They are, however, entitled to know of any material fact relating to the risk they cover, which includes your practice address/es and we need to be advised of the 2 main addresses you practise from.

2. If I go on holiday and I am asked to treat somebody while I am away, will I be insured?
You are insured while treating anywhere in the United Kingdom, but if you go abroad to visit a friend’s practice and would like to work for a couple of days you should advise us before you go. In such circumstances, it is normally possible to arrange an extension for you. However you must be aware that it is not possible to provide extensions for anywhere in North America, or other US territories due to the blanket exclusion of these areas.

3. I have been asked to have someone in my practice on a work experience placement, does my insurance cover this?
No, your professional insurance is specific in protecting you against claims by a patient in your care. If you are a Clinic Proprietor, Employers’ Liability Insurance is provided under your Clinic/Surgery policy.

4. If students work in my practice as part of their supervised training, does my insurance cover this?
Yes, as long as they are working as part of their training with the approval of their college. Any treatment carried out will be on your patients and as they will be working under your direct supervision at all times you will be responsible for everything they do. You must, however, ensure that they have been certified by their College as being competent in any technique you ask them to carry out. A student must never be allowed to carry out treatment without supervision.

5. I have now qualified in another therapy. Can it be added to my insurance, or should I take out insurance separately for this?
Almost any therapy with a properly structured training can be added to your insurance. If the additional therapy is in the same or a lower risk category, there will be no extra charge. If it is in a higher risk category, then you will be asked to pay an additional premium. Simply forward confirmation of your qualification to us. Most training establishments have already registered their courses with us, but if they have not, it will be necessary for us to send a copy of the course curriculum to your insurers for their approval before cover can be provided. If you are considering training in another therapy we suggest that you ask first and if necessary, send us a copy of the course curriculum so that it can be forwarded to your insurers for approval before you start.