Medical Malpractice Insurance

Insurance for Alternative and Complementary Therapists and Holistic Therapists

In today's increasingly litiguous society, and with more and more people choosing alternative or complementary and holistic treatments and therapies, it is important to make sure that you and your business are protected in the event that a claim is made against you. Members of the public are all to quick to issue a claim without trying to sort an issue out amicably. It would appear that people are expecting large pay-outs in the event that a treatment was not up to the clients high standards. Don't get caught out by this and protect yourself against claims of malpractice by getting appropriate insurance cover.

We have listed a selection of alternative and complementary and holistic practitioners, with a brief description of what each profession's activity. In most of the professions listed, we are able to offer Medical Malpractice Indemnity Insurance cover to Quote and Buy Online. Where this is not possible and for the more traditional professions such as doctors, nurses, dentists and vets, there is a full brokering service available.


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Treatment Treatment Information
Acupressure In acupressure physical pressure is applied to acupuncture points by the hand, elbow, or with various devices. Reviews of acupressure clinical trials have been conducted by the Cochrane Collaboration and Bandolier according to the protocols of evidence-based medicine; for most conditions they have concluded a lack of effectiveness or lack of well-conducted clinical trials.
Acupuncture A technique of inserting and manipulating fine filiform needles into specific points on the body with the aim of relieving pain and for therapeutic purposes. According to acupuncture theory, these acupuncture points lie along meridians along which qi, a kind of vital energy, is said to flow.
Alexander Technique The Alexander Technique is a form of physical therapy in which patients are taught with the assistance of a coach to correct their posture in order to align the body. There is a focus on becoming aware of and directing muscle tension using a focus on proprioceptive feedback. The instructor provides verbal instructions while monitoring and guiding the movement with their hands. The Alexander Technique is considered to be an educational technique taught to be practiced by the student on their own, rather than a curative treatment regimen of the client/patient relationship. It is designed to be used while doing any other activity, so there are no prescriptive forms of movements to follow.
Allergy Therapy A microscopic amount of an allergen is introduced to a patient's skin by various means:By pricking the skin with a needle or pin containing a small amount of the allergen ('Prick Testing' or 'Scratch Testing')
by applying a patch to the skin, where the patch contains the allergen.
Angel Therapy Angel Therapy is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with a person's guardian angels and archangels, to heal and harmonize every aspect of life.
Angel Work Learning how to communicate and receive messages from guides, spirits, angels and the afterlife.
Animal Massage Massage as with humans but performed on animlas as a means of releasing stress and muscle tension and to aid rehabilitation after injury.
Aqua Detox Therapy Aqua detox Therapy involves the immersion of one's feet (or sometimes the complete body) in a bath of lightly salted water containing the Aqua detox electrolytic apparatus. A flow of electrons is imparted into the water thus creating a bio-energetic field modifying the properties of the bath water to closely match that of the bodies natural fluids.
Aromatherapy Aroma therapy uses volatile liquid plant materials, known as essential oils (EOs), and other aromatic compounds from plants for the purpose of affecting a person's mood or health. Scientific evidence is weak and preliminary but mildly encouraging for a limited number of claims.
Art Therapy Art therapy is based on the belief that the creative process involved in the making of art is healing and life-enhancing. Through creating art and talking about art and the process of art making with an art therapist, one can increase awareness of self, cope with symptoms, stress, and traumatic experiences, enhance cognitive abilities, and enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of artistic creativity
Assertiveness Training for Work Training the individual for work situations where the individual may have been prone to saying Yes when assertiveness may have been better employed. Learning in particular the difference between assertiveness and aggression, when to be assertive and when not to, the beliefs underlying assertive and non - assertive behaviour, what makes people behave the way they do, the characteristics of assertive behaviour - what to do and what to say, why body language is crucial and how to use it and how to handle other people’s reactions.
Astrology the art of understanding the correlation between celestial events and human experience.
Autogenic Training Autogenic training is a relaxation technique.
Ayurveda Massage The most commonly practiced Ayurvedic treatments in the west are massage and dietary and herbal advice.


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